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Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals - Samuel Grace

The smoke signal simply put gives a detailed history of cannabis in the past couple of centuries. It is a masterpiece which gives a detailed analysis of the prohibition and also acceptance of Marijuana in the western culture. The smoke signal is one of the most detailed write-ups I have ever come across on Marijuana. It is very captivating and employed various amazing techniques such as folktales, medical encyclopedia, history and sociology excerpt’s and even short stories.

The Smoke Signals was written by Martin A. Lee who happens to be a Journalist and also a weed and a Cannabis activist. The book is a masterpiece as it smoothly transits from one relevant issue to the order. For example, Martin A lee makes a connection about Cannabis and music and then quickly correlates it to the 16th century African Slave trade and then moves over to the sexing of plants. 

Most persons are only conversant with the latest struggles and legalization of Marijuana in various states and countries and also the prohibition of Marijuana in various states and countries as well. It is sad that most persons don’t the early details of marijuana, the plant ties to some certain regions such as Mexico. Also Smoke Signal also exposed some theories in relation to early Marijuana trade. One of such theories was the alleged trade between Spain, California and Chile in the mid 1500’s.

The smoke signal also gives a detailed information on the acceptance of marijuana for Medical, recreational and scientific reasons. The once prohibited item has now become a subject of curiosity from both the government and large organizations. The journey to the legalization of marijuana in the United States began with the bold steps taken by some individuals. One of such individuals was Lowell Eggemeier who lit up a joint in front of the San Francisco police station in 1694, while challenging the police to arrest him. He was actually arrested, but this bold step marked the beginning of weed legalization in the United States.  The “in your face gesture” by Eggemeier sowed the seeds of what Martin A lee termed as the ‘REFEER REBELION’.  Eggemeir’s civil disobedience created a grassroots movement geared towards getting the authorities to legalize cannabis. One of such movements was   the Legalize Marijuana (LEMAR), which was actively involved Eggemeier’s attorney James R White.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam brought a turning point in the history of psycho-pharmacology with the discovery of THC. This got the government and corporate organizations interested in what Cannabis contained and what benefits can also come from Cannabis as both the government and large organizations were interested in the outcome of the research.

Smoke signals gives a detailed step by step write-up of the marijuana journey from the earliest struggle, to the various movements and legal battles, to civil unrest and the interest of corporate organizations. 

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